Lauren Wagner

LaurenWagnerMs. Lauren Wagner is a High-Tech Crime Training Specialist in the High-Tech Crime Training Services department of SEARCH, The National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics, where she coordinates and provides training on high-tech crime investigations and forensics to local, state and federal justice and public safety agencies. She provides technical assistance to law enforcement agencies in active cases, prepares training curricula, teaches SEARCH investigative courses and speaks at conferences throughout the United States. She has also authored and coauthored various high-tech crime investigative guides, which have been published by SEARCH.

Ms. Wagner previously worked as a Research Analyst for SEARCH, focusing on research and development projects on integrated justice information systems planning and implementation using the Justice Information Exchange Model (JIEM™) tool. She also worked on managing the online state and local integration profiles as part of SEARCH’s justice and public safety Information Sharing Initiatives program.

Ms. Wagner first joined SEARCH in 2005 as a student intern. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Allegheny College, a master’s degree in Forensic Science from the University of New Haven (UNH), and a master’s certificate in Forensic Computer Investigation from UNH.

She also has her Network Plus Certification, and is a certified Instructor through the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation / Instructor Development Institute (ICI/IDI). In 2009, Ms. Wagner was awarded the California POST ICI Award for Excellence in Instruction. In 2011, she completed and was certified in the Intermediate Level (Level II) of the California POST IDI Master Instructor program. She then completed and was certified in the Advanced Instructor Development Level (Level III) of this Master Instructor program in 2012.