The National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics

The National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics

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Information Sharing Resources

Through its Information Sharing Programs, SEARCH helps justice and public safety practitioners and organizations at all levels of government improve their use of technology and information sharing capabilities. Our approach encompasses key success factors, such as—

  • Good governance and service management
  • Mission-oriented strategic and tactical planning
  • Enterprise architecture development
  • Service oriented architecture
  • Business process modeling and analysis
  • Service specification development
  • Performance management
  • Application of industry and national justice community standards

Collected here is a range of SEARCH-developed resources to support information sharing. 

Self-paced Online Training in Information Sharing

Global Reference Architecture (GRA) Training
The GRA is a tool justice and public safety practitioners can use to make it easier and faster to design information sharing solutions that align with best practices and national standards. This interactive, scenario-based training helps stakeholders like you gain a common understanding of the GRA standards, tools, methods, and processes. It allows you to immediately put knowledge into action—showing you how to establish governance, development the architecture, model and document services, and create information models—and provides hands-on implementation labs to help tie it all together.

National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) Online Training

Podcast Series: Justice Information Sharing

Technical Brief Series

Information Exchange Documents & Tools

Information Systems Integration: Core Documents

Tech Guides & Technology Documents

Enterprise Strategic Planning

Justice and public safety organizations that initiate an information sharing program with local, regional, state, and/or federal partners should develop an Enterprise Strategic Plan. SEARCH has prepared Technical Briefs that outline the importance of enterprise strategic planning, and offer a methodology for preparing enterprise strategic plans. Organizations can use this modifiable Word template to prepare such a plan.

Participation Agreement/Memorandum of Understanding

Jurisdictions can use this template to prepare a memorandum of understanding for participants in a justice information sharing federation. The agreement, which is a modifiable Word document, formally establishes the governance, responsibilities, and obligations of federation participants.

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