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The ISP List is a database of Internet service and other online content providers that will help you get the information you need for your case. For each Internet Service Provider listed, you’ll find the legal contact information and instructions needed to serve subpoenas, court orders, and search warrants.

The ISP List is a law enforcement community effort, meaning that while it may reside on our website, it belongs to us all. If you come across newer information than what we have listed here, please let us know and we’ll update it. If you discover an ISP that we don’t have in the database, let us know and we’ll add it. 

We know that getting the information you need from Internet service and other online content providers can be challenging. If you need assistance in this area, submit a question through the Assistance form on our Cybercrime and Digital Forensics Solutions page.  We can answer your questions about submitting a legal request and help you decipher the results.

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ISP Law Enforcement Guides

Use our handy form to request one or more of these documents, offered by ISPs as a service to law enforcement investigators. Note that this is NOT an automated system, as each request is vetted by SEARCH staff as to the authenticity of the LE requester:

  • Amazon LE Guide
  • Apple LE Guide
  • Barnes and Noble LE Guide
  • Bittrex LE Guide
  • Blink LE Guide
  • Chatstep LE Guide
  • Citizen App LE Guide
  • Clearing House Interbank Payments System (“CHIPS”)
  • CloudFlare LE Guides
  • Coinbase LE Guide
  • Comcast Cable Xfinity LE Guide
  • Couchsurfing LE Guide
  • CSC Holdings LE Guide
  • Discord LE Guide
  • Dropbox LE Guide
  • Ebay LE Guide
  • Etherscan LE Guide
  • Experience Project LE Guide
  • FitBit LE Guide
  • Formspring LE Guide
  • Fusion Connect LE Guide
  • Green Dot Bank LE Guide
  • Greenlight Financial Technology, Inc LE Guide
  • hi5 Official LE Guide
  • Hornet app LE Guide
  • IMVU LE guide
  • Inteliquent LE Guide
  • KIK LE Guide
  • Kraken LE Guide
  • LCSO Vehicle Manufacture Tracking Sheet
  • Life360 LE Guide
  • LinkedIn LE Guide
  • LiveMe LE Guide
  • MeetMe LE Guide
  • LE Guide
  • Megapersonals LE Guide
  • Microsoft LE Guide
  • MocoSpace LE Guide
  • MySpace LE Guide
  • myYearbook LE Guide
  • Omegle LE Guide
  • Onstar LE Guide
  • OpenAI LE Guide
  • PayPal LE Guide
  • Photobucket LE Guide
  • Pinger LE Guide
  • Remind LE Guide
  • Ring LE Guide
  • Skout LE Guide
  • Skype LE Guide
  • Snapchat LE Guide
  • LE Guide
  • Sony (PlayStation) LE Guide
  • Stickam LE Guide
  • Synchronoss LE Guide
  • Tagged LE Guide
  • LE Guide
  • TextNow LE Guide
  • Tiktok LE Guide
  • TIYA Team Up LE Guide
  • TracFone LE Guide
  • Triller LE Guide
  • Tumblr LE Guide
  • Twitter LE Guide
  • Uber US LE Guide
  • USAA Federal Saving Bank LE Guide
  • Verizon LE Guide
  • VSCO LE Guide
  • Whisper LE Guide
  • Wickr LE Guide
  • Windstream LE Guide
  • Winn Dixie LE Guide
  • Wyze Labs LE Guide
  • Y99.IN LE Guide
  • Yaana Technologies LE Guide
  • Yahoo! LE Guide
  • Yolo App LE Guide
  • Yubo LE Guide
  • Zelle LE Guide

MSN Online Services requests that law enforcement officials contact them directly to obtain a copy of their ISP compliance guide. Their number is

The ISP List was originally maintained by James Nerlinger, Jr. at the defunct site Through agreement with Mr. Nerlinger, SEARCH has accepted the responsibility to maintain and update this valuable resource. This list has been an essential resource for law enforcement investigators since its inception. Through this list, Mr. Nerlinger has aided thousands of law enforcement officers in their investigations. SEARCH intends to continue this tradition of assisting law enforcement by maintaining the list as a resource for law enforcement investigations.
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