Global Federated Identity and Privilege Management (GFIPM)

gfipmJustice organizations need ways to provide secured access to multiple agency information systems with a single log-on.   The information being shared is sensitive—so it is important to establish a trusted method to share it only with those who need or are authorized to access it. The GFIPM framework provides a solution that is based on an electronic justice credential. 

This standards-based justice credential can be used to securely connect law enforcement and public safety personnel to interagency applications and data over secured networks or the Internet by establishing an electronic trust between caretakers and users of critical information. 

Initiated in 2005, the GFIPM program is part of the Global Initiative. The GFIPM specifications and associated implementation documents evolved through a collaborative effort of BJA, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and major participants and contributors. 

SEARCH has long supported and helped develop key standards for information sharing and interoperability, such as GFIPM. In fact, SEARCH staff serve on the Global Infrastructure/Standards Working Group and its GFIPM Delivery Team, which evolves GFIPM products, specifications, and operational federation into a fully vetted and production-quality capability for cross-jurisdictional identity management. 

GFIPM involves—

  • Federated identity, which allows a user’s roles, rights, and privileges to be communicated securely.
  • Privilege management, which is the process of managing user authorizations. 

GFIPM provides implementers with a head start on governance, policy and technology standards so these transactions occur in a manner that is both secure and compliant with legal and policy requirements. Users benefit by increased convenience and privacy and reduced complexity when accessing data sources.  

SEARCH offers assistance and guidance to organizations interested in GFIPM solutions, including interagency governance and policy guidance, technical specifications, and implementation.  We have experience in incorporating GFIPM standards in statewide justice web portals. 

Additional Resources

View or download this SEARCH Technical Brief, which provides guidance on GFIPM implementation: