Information Sharing Standards & Models

information-sharingInformation is the lifeblood of effective justice, public safety, emergency services, disaster management, and homeland security efforts. It transcends the operational needs and priorities of individual justice agencies. Enterprisewide information sharing is needed to prepare for, prevent, respond to, and recover from critical incidents and natural disasters—and respond to the critical day-to-day operations of agencies at all levels and across all branches of government.

Information sharing can mean different things:

  • the ability to access and share critical information electronically at key decision points throughout the justice enterprise.
  • the automation of information exchange between justice and justice-related organizations.
  • providing complete, accurate, and timely information to justice system decision makers, when and where they need the information. 

Using national standards and models significantly facilitates justice information sharing. SEARCH is a national leader in helping develop, support and leverage such national standards and solutions as—

Check out our NIEM, GRA and GFIPM pages to learn more about these standards and the information sharing solutions SEARCH offers.