Digital Evidence: Legal Procedures & Practices

As technology continues to cast its shadow on nearly every case, are you as prepared for court as you should be? As a prosecutor, are you aware of the latest case law for authenticating emails, chats, and other digital evidence? 

If you’re part of a multi-disciplinary team of child abuse investigators, are you aware of the questions you should interject into a forensic interview? Do you know how to secure digital evidence? 

If you’re a child welfare advocate, are you aware of the ways that offenders use technology to groom children on the Internet? Our training on technology-facilitated child sexual exploitation (TFCSE) covers a wide range of issues you need to consider. 

We offer assistance and training in the areas of:

  • Expert witness
  • Trial advocacy
  • Technology-facilitated child sexual exploitation
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Child fatalities and child physical abuse
  • Human trafficking
  • Ethnics and technology

We offer this training at conferences and meetings nationwide. 

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Questions About Legal Procedures and Practices Relating to Digital Evidence (including TFCSE)