Digital Evidence Investigations

Digital evidence is everywhere. From security camera footage that shows a suspect entering a building to a teenager’s cell phone that shows how many times she (unwittingly) texted a registered sex offender—it’s all potential evidence that can be used to build a case.

These data morsels come in the form of Internet histories, information about image and media files, passwords, network settings, registry information and much more. They’re found in everything from cell phones to tablets to laptops, and they’re found inside the devices that we connect to these devices: cameras, routers, USB drives, etc.

Through targeted services and products, we offer assistance, guidance and training in the best methods to successfully recover digital data/evidence.

We offer expertise on mobile device investigations—extracting data from devices that connect to cellular or wireless networks. We also offer expertise on retrieving data from computers and other devices seized at a crime scene.

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High-Tech Crime Publications

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