Computer Crime Investigations

Today nearly every crime has a digital footprint—meaning computer technology was used in some way to facilitate or commit the crime. In addition, the anonymity and ease of use that the Internet offers helps fuel criminality and exploitation. New cases of harassment, credit card fraud, and identity theft facilitated via computer technology arise daily.  Clearly, strong computer skills are an important part of any investigator’s toolkit.

Computer technology now encompasses mobile devices, tablets, laptops, desktops, and more. As an investigator, you need a working knowledge of this technology, its application to criminal activities, and the issues associated with investigating these cases. 

Our core skills course introduces you to computer hardware components, shows you how to use the Internet to your advantage, teaches you search and seizure techniques, and promotes digital officer safety. Once you master these skills you’ll be ready to learn how to investigate peer-to-peer (P2P) networks and see how they are used to share child pornography. 

SEARCH also offers other resources, such as investigative guides and assistance related to computer crime investigations—whether it’s a question that we can answer via email or phone, or direct assistance in active cases.

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Instructor-led Training

Core Skills for the Investigation of Mobile Devices
Network Investigation and Digital Triage
Online Investigations: Tools, Tips, and Techniques
The Investigation of Computer Crime
Peer-to-Peer Investigations


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SEARCH Investigative Toolbar
High-Tech Crime Publications

Questions About Computer Crime Investigations
High-Tech Crime Publications

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