Enterprise Planning

enterprise-planningEnterprise Planning establishes the strategic and operational goals of an enterprise and addresses planning for the internal and external factors that affect it—such as political, economic, technological, legal and environmental. In criminal justice and public safety, the “enterprise” is large and complex and involves multiple participants and governing processes, rules, and resources. Its many stakeholders have different business needs and perspectives that must be addressed, and often compete for scarce resources and IT support. Effective enterprise planning helps organizations achieve success in their efforts to obtain and share information—an especially important goal when information will be shared across agency and jurisdictional boundaries. 

SEARCH provides resources and assistance to justice and public safety organizations in effective enterprise planning. Our focus areas include:

  • Strategic Planning: Helping organizations determine medium- and long-term plans (1 to 5 years) for automation, integration, information sharing and interoperability.
  • Governance: Creating a formally organized structure that helps ensure all stakeholders are appropriately involved in a project or process improvement