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SEARCH Releases Guides on Increasing Zoom Security


The Coronavirus pandemic has dramatically increased our personal and business reliance on a variety of apps, cloud services and other resources to support work-at-home and distance learning needs. Our growing adoption of technology has triggered a corresponding escalation in cyber threats and attacks against individuals, businesses, and government agencies.

SEARCH’s High-Tech Crime Training Services Team is dedicated to closely monitoring and assessing cyber security threats, and developing resources, tools and techniques to enhance online safety and resiliency and provide practical, operational guidelines.

One technology that has recently been dramatically featured in the news media is Zoom, a video-teleconferencing platform that has vastly expanded in popularity and use, but has also been vulnerable to cyberattacks.

In response to these developments, SEARCH has developed and released two guides to help users secure their ZOOM meetings. The guides, which contain timely and critical information, were written by Ms. Lauren Wagner, High-Tech Crime Training Specialist at SEARCH.

Best Practices for Securing a Zoom Meeting, which expands upon FBI guidance on how Zoom users can better ensure the security and privacy of their online meetings Zoom Configuration Resource Guide, which offers easy-to-follow best practices for setting up Zoom accounts for ensure a higher level of security

These publications are also provided at no cost to justice agencies, upon request via SEARCH’s High Tech Crime Investigative Resources page:, in the “High-Tech Crime Publications” section.  Once we receive and process these requests, individuals will receive PDFs of the reports via email.

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