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SEARCH Kicks off Busy Spring Schedule of Cybercrime & Digital Forensics Training

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As technology continues to advance, the problem of cybercrime and the technology-facilitated child sexual exploitation (TFCSE) continues to grow, making it a major concern for law enforcement agencies. To address these issues SEARCH’s Cybercrime and Digital Forensics program provides comprehensive training and technical assistance to help law enforcement understand and combat TFCSE.

SEARCH will be presenting in the upcoming conferences, including the International Symposium on Child Abuse, Wisconsin Internet Crimes Against Children Conference, National Cyber Crime Conference, Dallas Crimes Against Women Conference, and the National Law Enforcement Training on Child Exploitation.

International Symposium on Child Abuse

Huntsville, AL – March 20–23, 2023
SEARCH will provide 9 blocks of instruction to over 360 law enforcement investigators. These training sessions will cover essential topics such as searching social media, digital officer safety and using Google Earth. By teaching these skills investigators will have a better understanding of how to gather information on potential suspects and identify victims. The Symposium is sponsored by the National Children’s Advocacy Center and is geared to professionals in the child maltreatment field.

Wisconsin Internet Crimes Against Children Conference

Madison, WI – April 16–18, 2023
At the Wisconsin Internet Crimes Against Children Conference, SEARCH will present 14 sessions to over 500 law enforcement investigators, covering topics such as Python scripting, data manipulation and information gathering using OSINT resources. These training sessions will provide investigators with the necessary skills to analyze digital evidence and identify suspects in online child exploitation cases. The Conference is sponsored by the Wisconsin ICAC Task Force and is intended to enhance the skills of law enforcement investigators who are combating the online sexual exploitation of children.

Massachusetts National Cyber Crime Conference

Norwood, MA – April 24–27, 2023
As a perennial partner and training provider at the National Cyber Crime Conference (NCCC), SEARCH will provide 14 hands-on lab sessions (these trainings will also be livestreamed), to over 1,000 law enforcement investigators throughout the country. Topics include: Saving Videos from Online Sources, Information Gathering Using OSINT Resources, and transforming data in a way that is useful for investigators.  The NCCC is hosted by the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office and is an annual cybercrime and digital evidence training event for law enforcement and prosecutors.

Conference on Crimes Against Women

Dallas, TX – May 22–25, 2023
At the Dallas Conference on Crimes Against Women (CCAW), SEARCH will provide two labs and teach topics in the area of digital evidence and open-source intelligence. By providing hands-on training, investigators will gain practical skills to help them identify, collect, and analyze digital evidence in cases involving crimes against women. The CCAW is a partnership between the Dallas Police Department, FBI and Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support. It is the only conference that addresses all crimes against women with a multidisciplinary focus to encourage a coordinated community response.

National Law Enforcement Training on Child Exploitation

Atlanta, GA – June 13–15, 2023
At the National Law Enforcement Training on Child Exploitation, SEARCH will provide 17 training sessions on a range of topics. This training conference is sponsored by the National ICAC Task Force Program and provides specialized training focused on investigating and prosecuting TFCSE.

ICAC Task Force Training – FL and NH

SEARCH will provide instruction to over 60 law enforcement professionals in Leveraging Social Media in O pen Source Intelligence. The training is being provided to Internet Crimes Against Children investigators from around the country at two training events: in Celebration, FL in June 2023 and Gilford, NH in August 2023. This training will provide ICAC investigators with the skills to use social media as an open-source intelligence tool to identify potential predators and protect children from harm.

SEARCH’s Cybercrime and Digital Forensics program is committed to providing training and technical assistance to the Nation’s law enforcement to combat cybercrime and TFCSE effectively. Through the various conference presentations and additional training programs proved by SEARCH, investigators gain practical skills to identify and prosecute child predators and protect vulnerable children from harm.

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