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SEARCH Announces Management Promotions


SEARCH Executive Director David Roberts announced changes in the management structure of SEARCH, including the promotion of two longtime SEARCH staff, effective April 1, 2019:

  • Mr. Justin Fitzsimmons was promoted to
    Director of High-Tech Crime Training Services (HTCTS).
  • Mr. Mark Perbix was promoted to Director of
    Programs, and will also continue serving a dual role as Director of Information Sharing.
  • Mr. Timothy Lott continues in his role as
    Director of Operations and now also serves as Senior High-Tech Crime Training Specialist.

“We are pleased to welcome Justin, Mark and Tim to their new roles on the SEARCH management team, and congratulate all three,” noted Executive Director Roberts. “They are all valued, long-term SEARCH employees who bring a wealth of experience and leadership ability, which will help us meet our strategic goals and effectively move SEARCH forward into its sixth decade.”

Justin Fitzsimmons
Director of High-Tech Crime Training Services
Mr. Fitzsimmons oversees a national program that provides assistance and training to local, state, and federal justice and public safety agencies on successfully conducting electronic crimes investigations and in systems security and computer forensics. He joined SEARCH in 2012 and previously served as Program Manager of the HTCTS Program.
An attorney and former prosecutor, Mr. Fitzsimmons also conducts legal, policy and regulatory research, provides assistance and instruction on digital evidence recovery, investigation and prosecution, and supports jurisdictions’ efforts to create and implement effective procedures, practices and technology applications that combat high-tech crime and recover digital evidence.
Mr. Fitzsimmons has been a SEARCH employee since 2012.

Mark Perbix
Director of Programs
Mr. Perbix provides oversight and support for SEARCH program areas, working closely with directors and staff of the Information Sharing, Law and Policy, and High-Tech Crime Training Services programs to deliver tools, resources and solutions to justice agencies nationwide.
As Director of Information Sharing, he oversees SEARCH initiatives to support justice and public safety information sharing by providing direct assistance to federal, state, local, and tribal organizations to improve their use of technology and information sharing in mission-critical projects. Services include consulting and facilitation, strategic planning for information sharing/technology deployment, architecture development, business process modeling/analysis, service specification development, performance management, application of technology standards, and more.
Mr. Perbix has been a SEARCH employee since 2005.

Timothy Lott
Director of Operations
Mr. Lott manages, coordinates, and leads all financial and administrative functions for SEARCH. This includes advising the SEARCH executive team and Board of Directors on financial matters; overseeing corporate accounting, bookkeeping, employee benefits, and human resources functions; coordinating annual audits, and grant proposal/reporting submissions; preparing budgets and contracts; maintaining staff policies and procedures; and overseeing corporate communications and information technology staff.
In his role as Senior High-Tech Crime Training Specialist, Mr. Lott provides advanced technical assistance and training to justice and public safety agencies nationwide in electronic crimes investigations, systems security, and computer forensics.
Mr. Lott has been a SEARCH employee since 2010.


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