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Law Enforcement-Sensitive Documents

The following documents are law enforcement-sensitive and limited to law enforcement investigators.

  • Examination of Android OS CSAM Ransomware – April 2020
  • Child Protection System Instructor Update
  • A Guide to Using ExtractFace and Microsoft Excel to Compare Friends from Multiple Facebook Accounts – May 2017
  • Interviewing Children in Technology Facilitated Crimes – September 2015
  • Imaging a Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Using a WinFE Thumb Drive – July 2015
  • The Internet is Upgrading: What Law Enforcement Needs to Know About the Protocol Transition from IPv4 to IPv6 – May 2015
  • Validation Report: Validating the Forensic Write Blocking Capabilities of WinFE – May 2015
  • Authenticating Evidence Found in Cyberspace – January 2015
  • U.S. Supreme Court Limits Warrantless Cell Phone Searches – December 2014
  • How to Google More Effectively – April 2014
  • An Investigator’s Guide to Mozilla Firefox – April 2014
  • A Law Enforcement Investigator’s Guide to Basic Digital Officer Safety – May 2012
  • The SEARCH Social Networking Custom Search Engine – May 2012
  • Creating a Cellular Device Investigation Toolkit: Basic Hardware and Software Specifications – October 2009
  • Creating a Wireless Network Investigation Toolkit: Basic Hardware and Software Specifications – October 2008
  • A Guide to Online Gaming for Law Enforcement Investigators – October 2007
  • How to Effectively Search A Guide for Investigators – October 2007
  • Methods for Capturing Volatile Data – October 2007

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These are law enforcement-sensitive documents, and their distribution is limited to law enforcement investigators. Please fill out the following information to request a copy of any of these documents. We will contact you soon regarding your request.