Public Safety Project Resources

Emergency communications professionals need easy access to useful tools and resources for public safety project management. For your convenience, we are providing some of these here, as a one-stop-shop of templates, tools, publications and other resources you can put to immediate use. Most of these resources are available on the SEARCH website—while some other resources we helped to develop are available on the Office of Emergency Communications’ website. 

Project Planning Resource Toolkit
Download this toolkit today—it offers easy-to-use templates for developing the following:

  • A public safety project decision-making structure
  • A public safety project charter
  • A public safety project communications plan
  • A public safety project risk management plan
  • A public safety project assessment and analysis checklist

The Issue Briefs series addresses best practices and key topical issues related to public safety communications interoperability. They are designed for practitioners with limited time and a need to know about the latest industry-based knowledge. Visit our Public Safety Issue Briefs page for more details and links.

In particular, our six latest Issue Briefs offer useful guidance to improve success for IT project management:

Check out our five Law Enforcement Tech Guides, which provide helpful and informative resources to law enforcement and public safety practitioners. Visit our Law Enforcement Tech Guide page for more details and links.

For public safety communications project planning and management in particular, these resources are useful:

We offer a series of 5 podcasts that address critical lessons learned and useful best practices from public safety emergency communication and broadband projects nationwide. These podcasts present numerous lessons and best practices, and are intended to educate and inform public safety practitioners about current issues in public safety project management, communications, and broadband technologies.

Visit our Podcasts page for more details and links on:

  • Long-Term Evolution 101
  • The ‘Accidental’ Project Manager
  • SOP Development for the Coordination of Interoperability Resources
  • An Introduction to the Incident Command System in the Communications Unit
  • Lifecycle Planning

We offer a series of podcasts that provide practical guidance for information sharing and communications interoperability projects. Visit our Podcasts page for more details and links.

In particular, these podcasts offer insights and guidance into communications project management:

Visit the OEC/ICTAP Public Safety Technical Assistance Tools website for additional resources.

Access the “Training” link on the website to download and view useful training sessions, including these delivered by SEARCH staff:

Access the “OEC Docs” link to download and use guides, tools, and templates developed by SEARCH. The main guide and six companion documents will help stakeholders at the local, regional and state levels set up and sustain Incident Command System (ICS) Communications Unit (COMU) Programs. Or, download these documents here: