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Photos from the 2020 Winter Membership Group Meeting

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On January 28–30, SEARCH Members, Staff, Sponsors and stakeholders from federal, state and local agencies and national organizations met in Columbia, South Carolina, for SEARCH’s 2020 Winter Membership Group Meeting. The agenda covered a range of technical, operational and policy issues affecting justice information sharing, and sparked lively debate among the 120 attendees.

The SEARCH Board of Directors met Monday, January 27, at the Marriott Columbia.

SEARCH Staff Diane Chin mans the registration booth.

The Capitol Ballroom before the Winter Meeting.

The SEARCH Membership convenes the morning of January 28. They were joined speakers, sponsors, observers and SEARCH staff.

Mr. Mark Keel, Chief of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, welcomes the SEARCH Membership to Columbia. Listening are SEARCH Chair Leslie Moore (KS) and Vice Chair, Major Brandon Gray (NJ).

Ms. Melissa Nee and Mr. Ben Bawden of Brooks Bawden Moore, a DC-based government relations firm, provide a Government Affairs briefing to the Membership.

SEARCH’s Vice Chair, Major Brandon Gray of the New Jersey State Police, is shown facilitating a 2-hour Roundtable Discussion where Members shared criminal history record use and management challenges and issues in their states.

Panelists discussed gaps in criminal history records systems. Clockwise from top left: Lt. Col. Tim Chung, AZ Department of Public Safety, Capt. Keenon Hook, Virginia State Police, SEARCH staff Michael Jacobson, Mr. Travis Furman and Ms. Jen Plyler of PAC PMO, and SEARCH Law and Policy Director Becki Goggins.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions was a Platinum Sponsor of SEARCH’s 2020 Winter Meeting. Here, Mr. Shane Bates of LexisNexis welcomes attendees during an evening reception.

Gemalto was a Platinum Sponsor of SEARCH’s 2020 Winter Meeting. Here, Mr. Chad Gardner of Gemalto welcomes attendees during an evening reception.

Ms. Evonne Silva of Code for America addresses the Membership during a panel discussion on Expungement/Sealing of Criminal History Records and Criminal Justice Reform. The workshop was facilitated by Major Brandon Gray, SEARCH Vice Chair, and included Ms. Sharon Dietrich, Community Legal Services of Philadelphia, and Ms. Margaret Love, Collateral Consequences Resource Center.

SEARCH Executive Director David Roberts leads a workshop on computerized criminal history (CCH) quality metrics. He is joined by SEARCH Member Mr. Matt Ruel, Maine State Police, who chairs the SEARCH CCH Data Quality Working Group, and Mr. Andrew Owen, SEARCH Director of Architecture and Development.

SEARCH High-Tech Crime Training Services team members (from left), Mr. Tim Lott and Mr. Justin Fitzsimmons, join Mr. Chris Weatherly (right), Information Security Officer of the FBI CJIS Division, to discuss justice information systems and IT security considerations, including vulnerability assessments and disaster recovery/contingency planning.

From left, SEARCH Information Sharing Program Director Mark Perbix, Ms. Erica Smith, Bureau of Justice Statistics, and Ms. Drema Fouch, FBI CJIS Division, brief attendees on the national transition to NIBRS reporting by January 2021.

FBI Laboratory Division officials Dr. Thomas Callaghan and Dr. Douglas Hares brief Members on the Bureau’s Rapid DNA Analysis initiative.

SEARCH Program Directors ‪brief attendees on SEARCH projects and activities. From left: Mr. Tim Lott (Director of Operations), Mr. Mark Perbix (Director of Information Sharing), Mr. Andrew Owen (Director of Architecture and Development) and Ms. Becki Goggins (Director of Law and Policy).

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