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New SEARCH Law and Policy Offerings: Criminal History Auditing Webinar, Disposition Records Report


One of SEARCH’s core mission areas is to work to improve the quality, accuracy, timeliness, and availability of criminal history record information (CHRI).  In support of this mission, our Law and Policy team oversaw the preparation and release of the following new resources:

  • Promising Practices for Auditing Criminal History Information Systems Webinar: Methodologies and Reporting Methods.
    This April 11, 2017, webinar addressed various auditing methodologies and reporting methods for agencies that contribute criminal history records to state CHRI repositories. The webinar is an outgrowth of the work of a SEARCH Focus Group on Auditing Criminal History Information Systems, and features panelists representing the states of Alaska, Idaho, Iowa, and Washington. Check out our Podcasts and Webinar page for links to this and other topics, or listen to the webinar .
    Length: 1:18:26

  • Challenges and Promising Practices for Disposition Reporting: Report from the 2017 SEARCH Winter Membership Group Meeting.
    This report addresses the inclusion of dispositions in criminal history records, particularly the challenges of and successful strategies for reporting dispositions—it documents the findings of discussions held at SEARCH’s 2017 Winter Membership Group Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.
    Download or view the PDF

Learn more about SEARCH’s criminal history records improvement activities and efforts.

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