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New Jersey Governor Appoints Schaffter to Membership Group

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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has appointed Sergeant First Class Robert Shaffter, New Jersey State Police, to the SEARCH Membership Group.

SFC Shaffter succeeds NJSP Major Denman Powers as New Jersey’s SEARCH representative. The appointment was made July 13, 2021.

SFC Schaffter is Unit Head of the Criminal Record Integrity & Compliance Unit (CRICU), Identification and Information Technology Section, within the NJSP. Among its responsibilities, the CRCU:

  • creates, updates, modifies and reviews all computerized criminal history (CCH) records contained within the Master Name Index (MNI) and the CCH system;
  • searches, identifies, and inputs all criminal source documents into the CCH and MNI and reviews the criminal history files prior to dissemination to ensure accuracy;
  • maintains the Central Drug Registry for law enforcement employment background checks;
  • maintains all records in the Firearms Licensing System for application/registration;
  • manages the New Jersey Sex Offender Registry (NJSOR) software and contributes state sex offender records to the federal Convicted Sexual Offender Registry File (CSORF);
  • assists with the building of CCH records from the criminal disposition data retrieved from automated criminal disposition databases; and
  • links DNA data from the State Police laboratory system to the CCH record for access by law enforcement agencies for investigative purposes.

SEARCH Members and staff are pleased to welcome SFC Schaffter to the Membership Group.

The SEARCH Membership Group, the governing body of SEARCH, is comprised of one gubernatorial appointee from each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the territories, as well as eight at-large appointees selected by SEARCH’s Chair. This national body of state-level professionals is widely representative of the various disciplines within the justice system, and many are responsible for operational decisions and policymaking concerning the management of criminal justice.
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