Our Membership Group consists of governor-appointees from each State and territory who are responsible for criminal justice information sharing and management.

Information and Idea Generation: Building Consensus

Our Members work together to

  • Establish a common dialog
  • Drive national changes
  • Build a community of interest and expertise

The Members discuss, debate, analyze and strategize on key policy, operational and technical issues impacting justice information sharing—and then speak as a consensus voice of the states on those issues.

Membership Group Meetings

Membership Group meetings facilitate full open debate and consensus development and include key experts from private industry and Federal partners. Our Federal partners share information about new programs, funding opportunities and other critical updates with Members. The Members in turn share their operational perspectives and concerns with the Federal entities.

As a neutral forum, Membership Group meetings facilitate an opportunity for Members to learn of industry capabilities, product updates, services and emerging trends. Likewise, the meetings are an opportunity for industry leaders to learn about the states’ justice information sharing challenges and needs.

Join us at our next meeting

Download SEARCH Policy Statements, which articulate our core principles as developed and approved by the SEARCH Membership, July 29, 2014