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Interstate Commission for Juveniles releases RFP to develop a JUvenile System for Tracking Interstate Compact Events (JUSTICE)


The Interstate Commission for Juveniles (ICJ) — an organization responsible for the transfer of supervision for juvenile offenders between states — has released a Request for Proposal (RFP) to develop a new information sharing system, named JUSTICE.

The ICJ manages the Interstate Compact for Juveniles, an agreement between states that provides continuous supervision of adjudicated juveniles and facilitates the return of runaways, escapees, or absconders to their home state. The Compact states also assist other states with supervising traveling juveniles.

The purpose of the RFP is to select a vendor to provide the hardware, application software, database system, and related support services necessary to implement a new information sharing system to facilitate the ICJ’s business processes. ICJ wishes to upgrade from the current forms management application to a customized web-based solution to support the day-to-day activities associated with supervising, transferring, accepting, tracking, and returning juveniles from one state to another.

The RFP seeks to form a partnership with an established vendor to upgrade from the current application to a user-friendly solution for ICJ and the Compact states. Interested vendors should have a history of similar project successes, including a successful solution of transitioning one case management system to another, and the ability to provide the services to design, develop, implement, and support a solution that meets the needs of the Compact users. SEARCH is pleased to assist ICJ in their procurement process.

The RFP is available at beginning November 12, 2018, with a proposal due date of January 18, 2019.

Direct inquiries to:

Jennifer Adkins, RFP Project Manager
Interstate Commission for Juveniles
(859) 721-1063

About the ICJ

The Interstate Commission for Juveniles is established to fulfill the objectives of the Compact, through means of joint cooperative action among the Compacting states to promote, develop and facilitate a uniform standard that provides for the welfare and protection of juveniles, victims and the public by governing the Compacting states’ transfer of supervision of juveniles, temporary travel of defined offenders, and return of juveniles who have absconded, escaped, fled to avoid prosecution, or run away. ICJ is based in Lexington, KY.

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