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Hawaii Member Christopher Young Joins SEARCH Board

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SEARCH is pleased to announce that Mr. Christopher Young, Administrator of the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center, Department of the Attorney General, has joined the SEARCH Board of Directors.

Mr. Young is SEARCH’s governor-appointed Member representing the State of Hawaii and has served in this capacity since December 2017.

Mr. Young is serving as the Open Justice Broker Consortium (OJBC) representative on the SEARCH Board. The OJBC is a nonprofit affiliate organization to SEARCH dedicated to improving justice information sharing through the reuse of low-cost, standards-based integrated software.

The SEARCH Board of Directors is comprised of 11 State-appointed SEARCH Members, 3 At-Large Members, and an OJBC representative.  The SEARCH Membership Group approved a bylaw change at its July 2019 Annual Meeting to include an OJBC representative on the SEARCH Board. Mr. Young joined the Board the following November.

The OJBC Board also approved a bylaw change to include a SEARCH representative on their Board, as well as a permanent seat for the SEARCH Executive Director.

SEARCH’s 15-member Board of Directors, elected by the full Membership Group, provides general oversight and translates corporate goals and objectives into program directives and operating policies. Board Members serve 2-year terms, and include 11 State-appointed, At-Large Members, and a representative from the OJBC.
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