Crime Involving Handheld Computing Devices

handheld-devicesHandheld mobile devices—cell phones, computer tablets, portable video game units, and personal navigation devices—are everywhere, and nearly every crime today has such a device attached to it, either through the criminal, the victim, or the witness.

These devices likely contain valuable evidence that you will need to access or analyze as part of a crime investigation or prosecution. The success of your case may depend on how much of this evidence you are able to find.

This course covers the basics for identifying various handheld devices, related physical evidence (such as memory and storage cards, peripherals), proper seizure methods, secure transport and storage, evidence analysis requests, testimony strategies, and much more. 

Topics include:

  • Identifying handheld devices, and the technologies underlying them
  • Evidence collection procedures
  • Investigatory procedures and processes
  • Basic forensics techniques

Course Overview

Audience: ALL law enforcement investigators—high-tech crime, gangs, homicide, vice, property crimes, narcotics, or other details
Prerequisites: None
Length: Self-paced
Difficulty: Basic

Note: This course was developed by Drakontas, in partnership with Drexel University and BKForensics. The U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance sponsored the project.

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