Virtualization, Wireless Networks, Volatile Data

Using Virtual Machines in an Investigative Capacity:  This virtualization class introduces the concept of using a virtual computer environment for testing, research and undercover investigations. Students set up and install VirtualBox, an open source virtualization software package developed by Sun Microsystems and distributed under the GNU General Public License. Students walk through the process of setting up a virtual environment before opening an existing instance of Windows XP for testing. 

Wireless Network Investigation: This lecture and lab introduces wireless technology and teaches students how to gather pre-search warrant evidence and evidence from the network at the scene. A portion of this block is a hands-on lab in which students learn how to set up a wireless router and collect evidence in the form of data from the router. 

Field Triage:  This lecture and lab addresses the collection of volatile data, which is data that law enforcement has historically overlooked or ignored in the past. Students are provided with free software resources they can use to collect and view the volatile data or RAM from a running computer.