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SEARCH provides technical, policy and operational assistance to justice and public safety agencies throughout the country. We assist:

Individual local, regional, tribal and state agencies
law enforcement, public safety, fire, EMS, prosecution, courts, detention, corrections, probation, criminal history record repositories, and more...
Multidisciplinary groups of agencies
Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) program participants, fusion centers, child advocacy centers, justice health care providers, public health, social services, and more...

We provide assistance:

On-site. We travel to you for face-to-face interaction.
In-house. We assist you via phone and email.

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Whether you're investigating online crime, planning for incident response or looking for ways to share justice information more effectively, our training is designed with one objective in mind: to provide you the tools, resources and knowledge you need in order to accomplish your goals. We offer 2 methods of training:

Instructor-Led Training
Classroom or onsite (we bring it to you)
Hands-on, face-to-face instruction
Ready-to-learn environment
We tailor the class to your team's needs
Self-Paced, Online Training
Offer convenience
Save time and money
Fit into your schedule

Find the training you need in these three focus areas:
High-Tech Crime Investigations
Public Safety & Emergency Communications
Justice Information Sharing