Leadership Activity

leadershipSEARCH Leadership: Transformational Change in National Justice Initiatives

SEARCH staff actively participates in national forums, advisory bodies and committees to offer innovation and leadership to a variety of timely and important national justice initiatives.  Our efforts focus on these outcomes:

  • Thought leadership. SEARCH offers innovative ideas and strategies that challenge conventional wisdom, push boundaries, and proactively address unanswered challenges.
  • Involvement.  SEARCH serves in leadership, advisory and support capacities, helping to lead and advise efforts that can benefit from our particular strengths and practical experience in the field.
  • Influence and Impact. By stimulating ideas through active participation and leadership, we help effect change and measurable improvements in issues involving the use, management and exchange of criminal history, justice and public safety information.
  • Collaboration.  SEARCH works collaboratively with its partners to deliver solutions, develop policy, and identify best practices.

SEARCH leadership activities include these national initiatives and groups —

We’re also committed to offering leadership in areas such as juvenile justice, federated identity management and more.