Education & Outreach

SEARCH focuses on the operational realities of justice information sharing and understands the impact of policy changes to national and local operations.

SEARCH collaborates with Congress and Federal agency and regulatory bodies to:

  • Share expertise with legislators and executive policy makers
  • Anticipate and identify the impact proposed Federal and legislative policies may have on state programs and their management
  • Educate decision-makers about the impact of the policies they develop

Our relationships with academics, decision-makers and experts from public and private agencies allows us to:

  • Learn of new opportunities
  • Understand the impact of policy changes to national and local operations
  • Access external partners and expertise

Our participation on national forums, advisory bodies and committees facilitates two-way communication among those important nationwide efforts. These include:

  • Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative and its associated working groups, task teams and committees
  • NIEM Technical Architecture Committee
  • FirstNet Public Safety Advisory Committee
  • National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact Council

Our education and outreach activities are carried out via our Membership resolutions and efforts, our leadership activity, national publications, and the news and viewpoints we share via our blogs.