January 2021

Date Event Location
January 25 2021 SEARCH Winter Membership Group Meeting
Announcement and details pending
St. Louis, MO
January 26–27 2021 SEARCH National Symposium on Justice Information Technology, Policy and Research
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St. Louis, MO

The initiative is designed to develop, disseminate, and support enterprise-wide information exchange standards and processes that can enable jurisdictions to effectively share critical information in emergency situations, as well as support the day-to-day operations of agencies throughout the nation. It enables mission partners to share information irrespective of the technology products and /or solutions they use.

According to the website, NIEM offers a consistent starting point—which includes a data model, governance, training, tools, technical support services, and an active community—that assists users in adopting a standards-based approach to exchanging data. NIEM provides quick access to accurate, complete, and actionable information.