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2022 SEARCH Winter Meeting: Recap and Photos

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SEARCH’s 2022 Winter Membership Group Meeting was a success, drawing dozens of attendees both on-site at the Marriott Columbia in Columbia, South Carolina, as well as those participating virtually on the Zoom platform.

The January 25-26 Winter Meeting featured key sessions and workshops and speakers from state and federal government, national organizations, and private industry. It kicked off on Monday, January 25, by a welcome address from Chief Mark Keel, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

As SEARCH’s governing body, the Membership Group meets twice yearly to discuss, analyze and strategize on key policy, operational and technical issues impacting justice information sharing. Federal and state government partners, as well as industry leaders, also attend to share critical information about new programs, services and emerging trends. In turn, they learn about Members’ operational perspectives and the state’ justice information sharing challenges and needs.

Key sessions and workshops at SEARCH’s 2022 Winter Membership Group Meeting included:

  • A briefing from on recent legislative activities of Congress, as well as briefings from Congressional staff on Clean Slate and firearms screening legislation.
  • Briefings from key federal justice agency staff on the status of NICS, NCHIP, NCS-X and NIBRS.
  • A roundtable session where SEARCH Members shared experiences and information on priority issues and programs, including clean slate, COVID-19 responses, and disposition reporting.
  • A discussion of the findings on Gun policy research;
  • Evolving identification and identity management technologies;
  • Information systems security for critical law enforcement systems;
  • A status report on efforts to develop universal computerized criminal history data quality measures;
  • Clean Slate and other forms of criminal justice reform and records relief at the state and Federal levels, including an examination of Clean Slate initiatives underway in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Utah, Connecticut, Delaware and others;
  • Efforts to improve disposition reporting; and
  • Monitoring the movement of parolees/probationers across state lines.

SEARCH thanks our Sponsors of the 2022 Winter Membership Group Meeting

SEARCH’s next Membership Group Meeting is July 19-21, 2022, at the Grand Hyatt Denver in Denver, CO. We will post updates on planning for SEARCH’s 2022 Annual Meeting at

Photos from the 2022 Winter Meeting

SEARCH Chairwoman Leslie Moore welcomes Members, speakers, guests and sponsors to the 2022 Winter Meeting.
Chief Mark Keel, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, gives the host state welcome.
SEARCH Members (from left) Yeselin Pendleton (TN), Ivy McMillan (NC), Maj. Monty Coats (SC), Jeff Sedgwick ( At-Large), Jason Bright (MT), and Capt. Rusty Clark (MS) wait for the meeting to begin.
SEARCH Members Kristina Davis (Alternate-WA),Capt. Greg Willmore (UT), Jamie Gagnon (MA), Bret Braafhart (IA), Capt. Matthew Patterson (VA), and Maj. Tony Flannigan (MO) listen to the welcome address.
From left: SEARCH Vice Chair Lisa Voss, Chair Leslie Moore, Law and Policy Director Becki Goggins, and Director of Operations Timothy Lott listen to Chief Mark Keel, SC Law Enforcement Division, welcome SEARCH to Columbia.
SEARCH Member At-Large Bob Wessels participates in the 2022 Winter Meeting remotely.
Speaker Ben Bawden, Brooks Bawden Moore, gives a government affairs briefing to SEARCH Members.
Kevin Diamond, Deputy Chief of Staff for Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester (D-DE), discusses Clean Slate Act implementation issues.
Kate Silhol, CIO of Nlets, briefs SEARCH Members on Nlets’ recent initiatives.
SEARCH Vice Chair Lisa Voss moderates the Membership Roundtable at our 2022 Winter Meeting, where Members discuss key topics, projects and programs in their states.
Dr. Andrew Morral of the RAND Corporation provides insights into gun policy research and how policies affect outcomes.
Panelists who discussed evolving identification and identity management technologies are (from left) Mike Lesko, NEC Corporation of America; Wyatt Pettengill, IDEMIA; Capt. Greg Willmore, Utah Department of Public Safety; and SEARCH Staff Dennis DeBacco.
SEARCH Chairwoman Leslie Moore thanks the Sponsors of SEARCH’s 2022 Winter Meeting.
Sponsors, Members and staff enjoy an evening reception.
Sponsors, Members and staff enjoy an evening reception.
Sponsors, Members and staff enjoy an evening reception.
SEARCH Director of Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics Tim Lott discusses information systems security.
Lt. Sean Fay, SC Law Enforcement Div., addresses the importance of cybersecurity for state systems.
Maj. Tony Flannigan of the Missouri State Highway Patrol discusses how states can manage system security risks.
Dan Swanson, Senior Counsel, US Senate Judiciary Committee, shares information on priority firearms screening legislation in the second session of the 117th Congress.
SEARCH Member, Capt. Greg Willmore of Utah (center), talks about his state’s experiences with Clean Slate implementation. Joining him are SEARCH Member Dane Silcox of Connecticut (left) and SEARCH Law and Policy Director Becki Goggins.
SEARCH Member, Mr. Dane Silcox of Connecticut, talks about his state’s experiences with Clean Slate implementation. Listening is SEARCH Member, Capt. Greg Willmore of Utah.
Staff Karen Lissy describes SEARCH’s Clean Slate research efforts. Listening is SEARCH Member Dane Silcox of Connecticut.
Erin Henry of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation updates SEARCH Members about the state’s efforts to improve disposition reporting.
Dr. Allen Eskridge of ICAOS — the Interstate Commission on Adult Offender Supervision — briefs SEARCH Members about a warrant notification system project to monitor interstate movement of offenders.
From left: SEARCH Staff Dennis DeBacco, along with Mark Perbix, Director of Programs, and Dr. Allen Eskridge, ICAOS, address the SEARCH Membership.
SEARCH’s 2022 Winter Membership Group Meeting wraps up with a briefing from Director of Programs Mark Perbix on key projects & accomplishments of our Law & Policy, Information Sharing, Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics, and Software & Data Engineering programs.

SEARCH is governed by a Membership Group that includes one gubernatorial appointee from each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the territories. Members are primarily state-level justice officials responsible for operational decisions and policy on managing criminal justice and criminal history information, and related identification and telecommunications technology. The SEARCH Chair also selects eight At-large Members from government, organizations and academia, to provide a balanced representation of justice disciplines and to bring special expertise and broad perspectives to the Group. The Membership Group typically meets in January and July each year.

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