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White Paper Examines Promising Repository Auditing Practices from Four States


In 2016, a focus group of SEARCH Members and officials from state criminal history repositories met to identify and document promising practices states have used to audit criminal history information systems (CHIS). As part of that effort, the focus group hosted a series of webinars in 2017 so stakeholders could learn more about how states conduct criminal history record audits and quality assurance reviews.

In addition, the focus group has just released a white paper that provides an overview of its findings.

The white paper, Promising Practices for Auditing Criminal History Information Systems: Findings from a SEARCH Focus Group, documents audit practices from four states: Alaska, Idaho, Iowa, and Washington. These states offer details of practices that other states can benefit from, and which cover the following:

  • Arrest and disposition reporting
  • Auditing methodologies and reporting practices
  • Criminal history records training.

The white paper is authored by SEARCH Law and Policy Director Becki Goggins.

Learn more about SEARCH’s criminal history records improvement activities and efforts, including our role in compiling and disseminating criminal history record information.

Promising Practices for Auditing CHIS Webinars

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