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SEARCH Offers Digital Evidence Instruction and Courtroom Guidance at National Symposium on Child Abuse


Professionals who work in the child maltreatment field require expert training to develop and enhance their skills so they can effectively combat child victimization, exploitation, and abuse.

ncac-logoSuch instruction can focus on all aspects of child maltreatment— including physical and sexual abuse, neglect and exposure to violence, poly-victimization, intervention, and prevention—from experts in the medical, legal, law enforcement, and social work fields.

Next week, experts from across the country will offer their expertise at the 30th National Symposium on Child Abuse.  The March 24–27 event is sponsored by the National Children’s Advocacy Center, in Huntsville, Alabama, and will offer more than 130 workshops for child maltreatment professionals. 

SEARCH has long supported efforts to train professionals in methods to combat child exploitation and victimization. 

Justin Fitzsimmons

Justin Fitzsimmons

At next week’s symposium, Justin Fitzsimmons, Program Manager of the SEARCH High-Tech Crime Training Services division, and a former prosecutor, will share his legal perspective with attendees during these sessions:

  • Authenticating Digital Evidence in Court: “We Seized It! Now What?”  Justin will show investigators what types of digital evidence they can expect to find from devices and service providers. Attendees will see case law examples for authenticating emails, chats, and other electronic evidence. They will also learn about what types of witnesses are needed to lay the proper foundation for the admission of digital evidence in court.
  • Clash of the Experts: Medical Opinions Colliding in Court. Justin will participate on this panel that explores how opposing medical opinions play out in court. The panel will discuss the challenges that exist when decisions on legitimacy of complex medical information are often left to judges and juries that do not have medical backgrounds.
  • Preparing a Child for Court and What To Do When the Child Freezes in Court. Justin will discuss the process of using pre-trial motions to educate and prepare the court for a child witness. He will also offer skills and advice on how to prepare a child witness to testify in court. 

Learn more about SEARCH high-tech crime training like this, provided at workshops and conferences.

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