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SEARCH ISP Director Mark Perbix Joins New Global Strategic Solutions Working Group as Founding Member

Mark Perbix

Mark Perbix

The Advisory Committee of the Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative has launched a new working group—the Global Strategic Solutions Working Group (GSSWG)—and invited SEARCH staff Mark Perbix to join as a founding member.

Mr. Perbix is Director of Information Sharing Programs at SEARCH. In inviting his participation, Global officials cited his experience with SEARCH and tenure in the justice arena, noting he is expected to be a key and valued contributor to the success of the GSSWG’s efforts. (See sidebar for more on Global.)

The newly formed GSSWG’s mission is to help identify critical justice information sharing challenges and recommend strategic solutions for practitioners in the field. Issues the group may address include offender management and reentry, prescription drug monitoring, and health and justice exchanges.

Sheriff Mike Milstead, Minnehaha County (South Dakota) Sheriff’s Office, chairs the Working Group. Serving as Vice Chair is Phillip Stevenson, Ph.D., Director of the Arizona Statistical Analysis Center, and an At-Large representative to the SEARCH Membership Group.

SEARCH supports the work of Global through our participation in a number of Global bodies. This includes:

  • The Global Advisory Committee (GAC) and Global Executive Steering Committee(GESC), which influence the course Global follows and the products it develops. (Executive Director Scott Came)
  • Vice Chair, Global Standards Council (GSC). The GSC oversees the development, vetting, and dissemination of the Global Standards Package (GSP), an authoritative body of standards for information sharing solutions. (Executive Director Scott Came)
  • Chair and Member, GSC Services Task Team (STT), which is responsible for establishing the methodology for developing Global Reference Architecture (GRA)-conformant services and reviewing service specifications for GRA conformance. (Information Sharing Specialist James Douglas-Chair, Information Sharing Specialist Michael Jacobson-Member)
  • The Global XML Structure Task Force (XSTF), which provides governance of the justice community’s National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) component. This includes reviewing and approving any practitioner-suggested revisions to the justice-specific content in NIEM. (Information Sharing Specialist Mo West)
  • Co-Chair, NIEM Technical Architecture Committee (NTAC), which is responsible for the technical direction and design of NIEM. The NTAC researches NIEM-related technology issues, collaborates with other NIEM governance members to formalize recommendations to the NIEM Program Management Office, and participates in initiatives that will advance the NIEM program. (Information Sharing Architecture Specialist Andrew Owen)
  • The GFIPM Delivery Team, established by the Global Security Working Group (GSWG) to provide oversight and guidance to evolve the initial GFIPM (Global Federated Identity and Privilege Management) products, specifications, and operational federation into a fully vetted and production-quality capability that can be leveraged across the federal, state, local, and tribal justice and public safety community. (Information Sharing Specialist James Douglas)

About Global

The U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative, known as Global, is a Federal Advisory Committee that advises the U.S. Attorney General on justice information sharing and integration initiatives. 

Global is a “group of groups,” representing more than 30 independent justice-affiliated organizations—including SEARCH—that span the spectrum of law enforcement, judicial, correctional, and related bodies.

Global is steered by a GlobalAdvisory Committee, and supported by the DOJ’s Office of Justice Programs Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA).

Through recommendations to BJA, the GAC promotes standards-based electronic information exchange to provide the justice community with timely, accurate, complete, and accessible information in a secure and trusted environment.

GAC recommendations support the mission of DOJ, initiatives sponsored by BJA, and related activities sponsored by Global. BJA engages GAC-member organizations and their constituents via collaborative efforts, such as the GSSWG, to help address criminal justice information sharing issues for the benefit of practitioners in the field.

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