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SEARCH High-Tech Crime Trainers Provide Digital Evidence Expertise at 6th Annual National Cyber Crime Conference


What: 2017 National Cyber Crime Conference (NCCC)

When: April 24–26, 2017

Where: Norwood, MA

Who: Hosted by Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office; SEARCH is a conference partner

Keynote Speaker: Robert S. Mueller III, Director (former), Federal Bureau of Investigation

Follow on Twitter: @NCCC_MA and @SEARCHorg

Technological advances create both challenges and opportunities for law enforcement investigators and prosecutors. It is critical that they know how to obtain, analyze, and understand digital evidence—whether from computers, mobile devices, GPS devices, gaming consoles, event data recorders, digital video surveillance systems, digital cameras, or social media applications.

To help these professionals navigate this landscape, the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office is hosting the 2017 National Cyber Crime Conference. SEARCH is a conference partner and our High-Tech Crime Training Services team will provide expertise in digital evidence through hands-on laboratories and presentations.

The 2017 NCCC will educate attendees on ways to investigate crimes involving digital evidence, properly seize the evidence, examine it, and prosecute these cases. The conference features three tracks of instruction—for prosecutors, investigators, and digital evidence forensic examiners—that will offer multiple breakout sessions featuring instruction from nationally recognized experts in the field of cyber crime.

The SEARCH team will run the three-day prosecutor track, and will present on these topics, among others, during lecture sessions and hands-on labs:

  • Facebook Searching and Saving
  • Twitter Investigations
  • Become a Google Jedi: Saving Yourself from Information Overload
  • Introduction to Windows Forensic Environment (WinFE)
  • Introduction to the Darknet
  • The Internet of Things: Understanding and using IoT to Prove Your Case
  • BlueStacks for App Investigations
  • Firefox Addons: Free Resources to Enhance Your Investigations
  • On-scene Triage with osTriage
  • SEARCH Investigative Resources
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