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SEARCH High-Tech Crime Trainers Offer Digital Evidence Expertise at Dallas Conference for Child Abuse Professionals

By Twyla Putt

SEARCH’s High-Tech Crime Training Services team received the Sponsors Award August 11 for our support of the 2014 Crimes Against Children Conference in Dallas. From left: Don Lewis, Elizabeth Tow, and Justin Fitzsimmons, SEARCH; Mr. Lynn M. Davis, President and CEO, Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center; and Christopher Armstrong, Lauren Wagner, and James Williams, SEARCH. The event drew 3,600 child abuse professionals from 35 countries.

The SEARCH High-Tech Crime Training Services team will have a major presence at the 26th Annual Crimes Against Children Conference in Dallas, Texas, which features dozens of presentations, workshops, case studies and educational computer laboratories geared to child abuse professionals.

The event takes place August 11-14, 2014, and is presented by the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center and the Dallas Police Department. It brings together practitioners in government and nonprofit agencies in the fields of law enforcement, child protective services, social work, children’s advocacy, therapy, and medicine that work directly with child victims of crime.

In addition to a keynote address by FBI Director James Comey, the event also features exhibitors and a technology coalition of social media and web leaders who will share information about fighting online child sexual exploitation. A record 3,500-plus professionals are expected to attend.

SEARCH Workshops and Labs

The SEARCH team will provide presentations and workshops on 18 different topics, and some of these sessions will be repeated throughout the week. In addition, SEARCH is a computer lab partner to this year’s conference, offering interactive training to attendees.

SEARCH will address topics that cover the full arc of concerns that investigators face in child abuse cases, from forensic interviews and prosecution to how to best use technology for investigations.

The team will debut a new course topic in Dallas: Introduction to Windows Forensic Environment (WinFE). In this lab and lecture, investigators will learn how to create a bootable forensic environment on a thumb drive. Using this thumb drive, investigators can then conduct previews of suspect computers in the field, looking for information that indicates whether the computer contains potential evidence in a case. The ability to conduct on-scene triage such as this is very important to investigators, as it gives immediate information about suspects and their devices.

Other topics the SEARCH team will cover include:

  • Introduction to Internet Investigations. This full-day hands-on lab gives investigators an understanding of computer crime and Internet investigation, covering the basics of website investigation, including finding legal contact information, registrar information, and mining the website for additional information and leads.
  • Social Media Investigations: Searching Profiles, Saving Data, and Addressing Legal Considerations. This lab will show students how to set up an investigative social networking account to search for information and offer techniques for capturing profiles for evidentiary purposes.
  • The Internet: Once a Village (IPv4) Now a Universe (IPv6). As the Internet migration from IPv4 to IPv6 addressing protocol continues, investigators must learn new methods for identifying and tracking IPv6 addresses. This workshop session sheds light on the new challenges faced by law enforcement.

The remaining SEARCH presentations, workshops, and computer labs is as follows:

  • Authentication of Digital Evidence
  • Become a Google Jedi: Save Yourself from Information Overload
  • Computer Forensics at Trial: What is Needed to Prove a Case
  • Creating and Using Microsoft Virtual Environments for Investigations
  • Cross-Examination of Expert Witnesses
  • Field Triage and Data Acquisition
  • Firefox Add-ons: Free Resources to Enhance Your Investigations
  • Investigative USB Apps
  • Life Beyond Facebook
  • Preparing for and Testifying in Court: Winning Your Case from the Witness Chair
  • Protecting Yourself in a Tech World: Digital Officer Safety and Ethical Concerns
  • Recovery of Volatile Data
  • Technology in the Forensic Interview and Supporting Your Victim Through the Investigation and Prosecution
  • Trial by Fire: Keys to Building a Winning Child Exploitation Case

Meet the High-Tech Crime Training Services Team


Timothy Lott

Areas of expertise: digital forensics, mobile device investigations


Justin T. Fitzsimmons

Areas of expertise: legal considerations for digital evidence


Chris Armstrong

Areas of expertise: P2P network investigations, previewing tools


Don L. Lewis

Areas of expertise: digital forensics, photo imaging and analysis


Lauren Wagner

Areas of expertise: social networking, mobile device investigations


Elizabeth Tow

Areas of expertise: social networking investigations


Dean Chatfield

Areas of expertise: digital forensics, previewing tools

James Williams

James Williams

Areas of expertise: social networking investigations

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