Repository QA Tools

reposqaSEARCH oversees a quality assurance program that offers voluntary performance standards for State criminal history repositories.  The goal is to encourage the quality and integrity of justice data maintained and reported by these repositories.

The program offers the following self-inspection tools that state repositories can use to assure data quality. State repository representatives, with help from officials of the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division, developed the tools; they were then reviewed by the SEARCH Membership; and pilot tested in several states. 

Tools in MS Word (fill out electronically or in hard copy)

Downloadable Resource Documents

Resource Materials on External Websites

  • Interstate Criminal History Transmission Specification, XML Version 4.1, December 2011; the specification is composed of multiple files maintained at*
  • The Interstate Identification Index/National Fingerprint Operations Manual is restricted to authorized users of the FBI’s Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP).
    • For current LEEP users: After logging in, go to the III Special Interest Group, III-SEG, to access the manual.
    • For others: To view information regarding your eligibility to join LEEP and to obtain a LEEP account, access LEEP directly and follow the instructions and links. 
State Central Criminal History Repository: The database, or agency housing the database, that maintains criminal history records on all State offenders. Records include fingerprint files and files containing identification segments, arrest notations, and dispositions.
—Source: Use and Management of Criminal History Record Information

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