Public Safety Communications Project Podcasts

Practical Guidance for Information Sharing and Communications Interoperability Projects

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Topic/Title: "Best Practices in Managing Advanced Communications System Lifecycles"

Description: The City of Phoenix and nearby jurisdictions in Arizona have been leaders in developing a standards-based, shared radio system for critical communications. Learn about lessons gained in managing an advanced communications system of its lifecycles.

Participant: Jesse Cooper, Communications and Information Technology Project Manager, City of Phoenix, Arizona

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Topic/Title: "Managing the Funding and Finance Challenges of Large Communications Systems Development"

Description: Are you facing a large, expensive project to upgrade or install a new radio communications system? Learn how the City of Houston, Texas, managed the funding and finance challenges of one of the largest public safety radio projects in the country. Hear how they have dealt with funding the project from multiple grant and internal funding sources.

Participant: Tom Sorley, Deputy Director of Radio Communications Services, City of Houston, Texas

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Topic/Title: "Why Regional Communications Plans Can Help Improve Systems Planning and Operations"

Description: State-of-the-art radio communications systems have helped improve the abilities of public safety to respond to emergencies large and small. Learn how the city of New Orleans, Louisiana and its surrounding partners improved communications interoperability through development and use of a regional communications plan following Hurricane Katrina.

Participant: Ken Hughes, Regional Communications Planner, City of New Orleans, Louisiana

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Topic/Title: "Project Communications with Multiple Stakeholder Groups"

Description: The State of Missouri has undertaken an extensive project to modernize several of its criminal justice systems used by both state and local agencies. Learn how project planning helped transition from concept to operation.

Participant: Cliff Gronauer, Chief Information Officer, Missouri State Highway Patrol

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Topic/Title: “Data Sharing Between State, Local, and Federal Agencies"

Description: The State of New York received a COPS grant to develop a statewide criminal incident database based on National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) standards and integrated with federal, local, and other state systems. It will ensure that incident information meets state fusion center and FBI N-DEx (Law Enforcement National Data Exchange) program needs.

Participant: Christine Tyler, Project Director, New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services

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Topic/Title: "Partnering and MOU Development"

Description: The City of San Francisco, California received a COPS 2007 Technology Program grant to continue build-out of the Bay Area radio network. Jurisdictions across the Bay Area, considered one of the Nation’s “Super UASIs” or Urban Area Security Initiative regions, are working cooperatively to expand and link radio systems. The region is considered to be at the forefront in partnering and development of interagency agreements for shared systems.

Participant: Laura Phillips, Executive Director, Bay Area Urban Area Security Initiative, California

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Topic/Title: "Moving Tactical Field Operational Plans from Paper to Practice: Making a System Field Operational"

Description: The City of Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads Area in Virginia were one of the first regional consortiums to develop 700MHz P25 regional shared radio system, known as ORION which stands for Overlay Regional Inter Operability Network. The region developed a Tactical Interoperable Communications Plan (TICP) and Regional Field Operations Guide (RFOG) and ORION sets the backdrop for a lesson on how to move plans from paper to the field to ensure that the users know how to use the system when the time comes.

Participant: Sgt. Bob Christman, Virginia Beach (Virginia) Police Department and Chairman, ORION Advisory Group

Podcast 8 »

Topic/Title: "Long-Term Governance of Regional CAD/RMS Projects"

Description: The Fargo (North Dakota) Police Department received a COPS 2007 Technology grant to deploy a regional computer aid dispatch and records management system. This CAD/RMS will serve the Red River Regional Dispatch Center and agencies it supports through two counties in two states: North Dakota and Minnesota. The Red River Regional Dispatch Center is the first in the country to serve a multi-state area. Its staff and participating agencies have over seven years of experience with regional projects and their governance.

Participant: Capt. Tod Dahle, Support Services, Fargo Police Department, North Dakota

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Topic/Title: "Transitioning from Agency-Owned to Commercial Wireless Data Networks"

Description: Kitsap County, Washington, is a key participant in a project funded by a COPS 2007 Technology grant to connect agencies on the western side of Puget Sound to shared data systems. The Bremerton Police Department received the grant in partnership with Kitsap County, other municipal jurisdictions, and two Indian nations. At the center of the project has been replacement of an agency-owned wireless data network with commercial services.

Participant: Lt. John Sprague, Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office, Washington