Online Justice Information Exchange Model (JIEM) Certification Training


Access to the JIEM® Tool is restricted to individuals who complete the JIEM Certification Training and pass the certification exam. The intent of the certification process is to ensure that users have demonstrated their understanding of the key concepts and techniques necessary to assist local, state, tribal, and federal public safety organizations to identify, define, document, and model cross-jurisdiction information flows and business processes. The training provides in-depth instruction on how to apply the JIEM Methodology and leverage Reference Models in the JIEM Tool. By completing the JIEM Certification Training, each participant will have the following skills and capabilities to support integration initiatives:

1) An understanding of business process analysis;

2) Comprehension of the dimensions of information exchange embodied in the JIEM and their application to modeling information flow and business processes;

3) The ability to enter information exchanges into the JIEM Modeling Tool; and

4) The ability to administer and manage the JIEM Tool.

Register for JIEM Certification Training (New Users)
JIEM Certification Training is offered via the SEARCH Online Learning Portal. The training includes 10 modules that combines lecture-type instruction with other multi-media tools to effectively deliver the same content as in-person training.

This web-based course allows participants to complete the JIEM Certification Training at their own pace and includes all of the resources and materials necessary to complete the certification exam, which is also available as a component of the online training. Each participant who successfully completes the training and passes the certification exam will receive a completion certificate immediately afterward from SEARCH.

To register for certification training, please provide the information requested on the sign-up form.

Access the JIEM® 5.0 Quick Start Screencast (Existing Users)
SEARCH also offers a 90-minute JIEM® 5.0 Quick Start Screencast for existing JIEM-certified users who want training how to use the most recent release — currently JIEM® 5.0, released November 10, 2010.

Access the JIEM 5.0 Quick Start Screencast on the JIEM Community Site.

SEARCH provides the JIEM Certification Training and JIEM 5.0 Quick Start Screencast at no cost to the justice community through funding from the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance.

Who Should Attend
Justice system representatives working on integrated justice projects at either the city, county, state, regional or federal levels, as well as private industry individuals who seek to facilitate such projects. Public-sector participants are asked to assess their projects to ensure that they are prepared to begin the JIEM project in their jurisdiction. It is recommended that initial planning efforts be underway prior to inception of a JIEM project. Defining project scope, establishing a governance structure with necessary working groups, developing a project mission and vision, as well as identifying a broad-cross section of justice partners to participate on this project, are key components that should be in place, when seeking to begin the JIEM project in your jurisdiction.

Questions or Comments
If you have any questions or inquiries related to the JIEM Certification or 5.0 Quick Start Screencast, contact us at