One of the primary missions of SEARCH is to provide High Technology Crime Investigation training to law enforcement and public safety investigators nationwide.

Who qualifies?
Qualifying individuals include the following federal, state or local personnel:
  • Sworn law enforcement/public safety officers
  • Law enforcement/public safety support personnel assigned duties related to crime analysis, crime scene investigation or the crime laboratory
  • Information systems personnel with responsibilities that include investigating crimes committed using or directed at computer networks
  • Evidence technicians who are involved in the collection of digital evidence
  • Personnel from regulatory agencies who have statutory investigative authority
  • Prosecutors and their support staff
  • Members of the judiciary

Exceptions: On a case-by-case basis, SEARCH will provide training to individuals who do not meet the above criteria. These potential students may include friendly foreign government law enforcement officers or personnel from public-sector agencies who regularly assist law enforcement and its mission.

Any individual not meeting the above criteria who wishes to be considered for SEARCH training must submit a written request. The request must be on official foreign government or company letterhead and be authored by an executive officer in the organization. The executive officer must explain in detail the individual's need for SEARCH training. Such requests should be submitted to:

Director of High-Tech Crime Training Services
7311 Greenhaven Drive, Suite 145
Sacramento, California 95831