Corporate Communications Team

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Twyla R. Putt

Ms. Twyla R. Putt is Manager of Corporate Communications for SEARCH, The National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics, where she oversees a staff that provides corporate and program writing, editorial and graphic design support, and coordinates the design, production and dissemination of a range of materials, including newsletters, surveys, brochures, marketing materials, policy and research documents, technical reports and specifications, proceedings, conference and meeting materials. She also assists in preparing Web content; oversees an information dissemination effort describing SEARCH activities, services and products; develops and implements communications policies, guidelines and processes; and maintains a library of SEARCH, U.S. Department of Justice and criminal justice-related publications.
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Jane L. Bassett

Ms. Jane L. Bassett is a Corporate Communications Specialist in the Corporate Communications unit of SEARCH, The National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics. She is responsible for layout and design of a wide range of SEARCH publications and materials, including corporate newsletters and brochures, conference marketing materials, and reports published by SEARCH and the Federal Government. She plans, analyzes, and creates visual solutions to communications needs and is responsible for graphic design, prepress activities, print buying, and distribution of printed materials. In addition, she helps write, edit, and produce a range of written and on-line materials and publications in support of SEARCH corporate, program, and Membership Group activities, services, and resources. She helps develop, implement, and maintain editorial policies and standards, and develops marketing materials for SEARCH symposia, conferences, and workshops. She also provides support to the Executive Director's Office, particularly for Membership Group materials and activities.
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Christine E. Lee

Ms. Christine Lee is the Webmaster for SEARCH, The National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics, where she is responsible for the overall functionality and appearance of the SEARCH Web site.
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