IT Security Self- and Risk-Assessment Tool

SEARCH IT Security Self- and Risk-Assessment Tool 

As a companion to The Law Enforcement Tech Guide for Information Technology Security: How to Assess Risk and Establish Effective Policies, SEARCH offers our IT Security Self- and Risk-Assessment Tool. It is a Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheet containing worksheets that guides you through a detailed assessment of your agency's IT system in three categories: Management, Organizational, and Technical - and a fourth category, State and Local Law Enforcement-Specific IT Security Controls, which assists with recording information on additional state and local government issues.

The Assessment Tool allows your policy development team to walk through the process and record their answers in one location. The Assessment Tool provides your team with a simple and concise methodology by which to assess your systems and their potential risk. It gives a graphical view of the systems assessed and their current status, based on the team's input. Because of the graphical nature of the Assessment Tool, it is immediately obvious where important issues need to be addressed. The answers can give managers a roadmap to their response to the risk and offer guidance on funding requirements for their systems.

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