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NIEM 3.0 on Track for Fall 2013 Release

Andrew Owen

Andrew Owen

NIEM 3.0 is on track for release this fall, said Mr. Andrew Owen, SEARCH Information Sharing Architecture Specialist, who serves as Co-Chair of the NIEM Technical Architecture Committee (NTAC).

Mr. Owen’s announcement was made while he participated in a February 15 virtual NIEM Town Hall attended by nearly 300 NIEM community members from federal, state, local, and international government agencies and the private sector.

Mr. Owen helps lead the development of the NIEM 3.0 technical architecture. During the town hall, he discussed the progress of NIEM 3.0 development, including model harmonization and technical enhancements. Work on the third version of NIEM began in July 2012; the beta release should be ready this summer, with release candidates complete by August or September 2013.

The new release was driven by community requirements to support information exchange. NIEM 3.0 changes will include:

  • Intelligence community security markings
  • Accommodation for local terminology and acronyms
  • Refactored approach for augmentations
  • Decoupling of code lists from NIEM-core
  • An updated unified modeling language (UML) profile
  • Domain and Core content updates

SEARCH has been involved with NIEM governance, development, and implementation (and its predecessor, the Global Justice XML Data Model [GJXDM]) since its inception. SEARCH regularly provides assistance to state and local agencies in implementing NIEM-conformant information sharing solutions.

Mr. Owen was named Co-Chair of NTAC in 2011. The NTAC reports to the NIEM Program Management Office and helps govern NIEM by ensuring the program is driven by the day-to-day needs of participating organizations to share information across organizational, system, and geographic boundaries. Specifically, NTAC helps define and govern the technical and structural architecture associated with NIEM development and implementation.

NIEM Information/Resources Online

What is NIEM?

The National Information Exchange Model is a community-driven, government-wide, standards-based approach to exchanging information. It is used by Federal agencies, all 50 states, and internationally.

The initiative is designed to develop, disseminate, and support enterprise-wide information exchange standards and processes that can enable jurisdictions to effectively share critical information in emergency situations, as well as support the day-to-day operations of agencies throughout the nation. It enables mission partners to share information irrespective of the technology products and/or solutions they use.

According to the website, NIEM offers a consistent starting point—which includes a data model, governance, training, tools, technical support services, and an active community—that assists users in adopting a standards-based approach to exchanging data. NIEM provides quick access to accurate, complete, and actionable information.

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