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New Technical Brief Provides GFIPM Implementation Tips


SEARCH has just published a new issue in its Technical Brief series, which provides guidance to justice stakeholders on how to implement GFIPM using Microsoft’s Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) as an identify provider.

GFIPM, the Global Federated Identity and Privilege and Management framework, is the national justice standard for cryptographically-secure federated identity management and secure single sign-on capabilities. It provides a means to establish the trust required to share information among justice organizations.

The brief provides tips and tricks for GFIPM implementation using AD FS and also addresses:

  • Differences in nomenclature used in GFIPM and by Microsoft
  • How to configure AD FS to enable GFIPM
  • How to manage digital certificates when implementing GFIPM in an AD FS environment.

SEARCH prepared this document under funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, U.S. Department of Justice. It was written by Information Sharing Specialists Michael Jacobson and James Douglas.

Want to know more about GFIPM, how it works, and why justice organizations need ways to provide secured access to multiple agency information systems with a single log on? Check out our GFIPM page for answers.

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