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National Publications Spotlight Articles on ITSM and NICS by Expert SEARCH Staff

Current issues of two national publications feature articles written by SEARCH staff—one that provides expert advice for public safety practitioners, and one that offers insight into a critical national issue. 

Bonnie Maney

Bonnie Maney

itsmThe October 2013 issue of MissionCritical Communications features a “Spectrum Monitor” column written by Ms. Bonnie Maney, an Information Sharing Specialist and Public Safety Training Manager for SEARCH.

The column addresses Information Technology Service Management (ITSM), a process and strategy to manage new and existing technology in public safety agencies, such as land-mobile radio and broadband equipment. 

Ms. Maney explains that implementing an ITSM policy can increase service quality, reliability and operational efficiency. The magazine is available in digital format; the column is on pages 8 and 10. 

Kelly Harbitter

Kelly Harbitter

itsm2The September 2013 issue of JRSA Forum features an explanatory article, “NICS: Challenges to Mental Health Record Sharing and Recent Congressional Activity,” written by SEARCH Government Affairs Director Kelly Harbitter.

In this piece, Ms. Harbitter examines the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), the point-of-sale system used to conduct background checks of prospective firearms purchasers. In particular, she discusses the challenges the states and federal government face in increasing the number of mental health records available to NICS (in part because one of the disqualifying categories for firearms purchases is involuntary commitment to a mental health institution or an adjudication related to mental defect). 

She also discusses what the states are doing to address mental health records reporting to NICS, and congressional and administrative efforts to improve mental health record sharing and fund NICS enhancements. 

The JRSA Forum is the quarterly newsletter of the Justice Research and Statistics Association. The newsletter is available to view or download in PDF.

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