Board of Directors

SEARCH’s 15-member Board of Directors, elected by the full Membership Group, provides general oversight and translates corporate goals and objectives into program directives and operating policies. Board Members serve 2-year terms, and include 11 State-appointed and 4 At-Large Members.


Mr. Brad Truitt

Director of Information Systems
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation


Ms. Julie Butler

General Services Division
Nevada Department of Public Safety

Ms. Linda Denly

Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigative Services
Division of Justice Information Services
California Department of Justice

Mr. Daniel M. Foro*

Senior Advisor
New York State Sheriffs’ Association Institute

Mr. Oded Galili

Deputy Director
Minnesota Justice Information Services
Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
Minnesota Department of Public Safety


Mr. Robert Merwine

Office of Criminal Justice Sys. Improvements
Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency

Mr. Maury Mitchell

Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center

Mr. Joseph N. Morrissey

Office of Criminal Justice Operations
New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services

Ms. Dawn Peck

Bureau of Criminal Identification
Idaho State Police

Mr. Matthew R. Ruel

Maine State Bureau of Identification
Maine State Police

Mr. David Steingraber*

Senior Policy Advisor
National Criminal Justice Association

Mr. Robert Wessels*

Vice Chair
Judicial Committee on Information Technology
State of Texas

Mr. Curtis M. Wood

Forensic Science and Technology
Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security

*At-Large Members