Public Safety & Emergency Communications

Public safety agencies from across multiple disciplines (police, fire, emergency management, highway patrol) and jurisdictions (city, county, regional, state) share common missions, starting with the goal of ensuring citizen safety. When we call 9-1-1 to report that our neighbor’s house is on fire, most of us can be assured that help will arrive in a timely and organized fashion.

But what happens when the emergency isn’t so routine? What if the emergency is a large-scale natural disaster like a hurricane or man-made disaster like a train derailment? Large-scale events bring with them challenges that can strain public safety agencies across disciplines and jurisdictions. Learn more

Our Courses

Instructor-Led Training Self-Paced Training
  • Governance
  • Standard Operating Procedure and Communications Support
  • Communications Training and Support
  • Communications Exercise and Operational Support
  • Tactical Communications Enhancement Support
  • Tribal Nation
  • Instructor-led versions of our self-paced training courses
  • The Communications Unit (COMU) Overview
  • Project Management Training
  • Key Project and System Concepts in Public Safety Communications
  • Public Safety Project Management Success Factors