Social Networking Sites: Investigative Tools & Techniques

social-sitesSocial networking sites are often used as a vehicle for crime, whether it’s for gang recruitment, predators finding targets, or for the purposes of fraud and exploitation, identity theft, or online harassment and bullying. 

Social networking sites can also be used as a vehicle to fight crime. Investigators can learn about probation/parole violations, find images and videos that have evidentiary value, and discover associations between suspects/victims/witnesses. 

Topics include:

  • The variations and history of social networking
  • How profiles are created
  • The need to have multiple profiles
  • How to utilize various search tools
  • The process required to conduct successful investigations
  • How to successfully search, locate and replicate information
  • How social networking sites handle law enforcement legal process requests

Audience: ALL law enforcement investigators—high-tech crime, gangs, homicide, vice, property crimes, narcotics, or other details
Prerequisites: None
Length: Self-paced
Difficulty: Basic

This course is being updated. It will include more information on Facebook, digital officer safety, and legal considerations for working with service and Internet content providers. Please check back soon to take the new course.