Beginning March 15, you will be able to register teams for this event. Registrations of four or more individuals will qualify for a $100 discount on each registration.    

To qualify, teams must:
  1. Choose a team leader
  2. The team leader must:
    1. Complete a conference registration form (available March 15), and indicate team leader status by checking the appropriate box;
    2. Include a registration fee payment ($350)


  1. The Team Leader will receive a team code from SEARCH that establishes the team identity. Please give this code to the three or more individuals who will comprise the rest of your team. (Please note: if three additional individuals do not register on your team and pay for the conference, you will be responsible for the balance of the regular registration fee)


  1. Each of the three (or more) additional team members must:
    1. complete a registration form;
    2. include the team code in the appropriate space on their registration form, and
    3. include their registration payment.
  2. There is no limit to the number of individuals on your team. Additional team members need only submit a registration form and payment to SEARCH and indicate the team code to qualify for the special $350 rate.
Contact SEARCH at (916)392-2550 or email Debi Garza, SEARCH Controller at debi.garza@search.org.    

Please note:  
Team member registrations postmarked or received by June 1 are $350 per member (a $100 discount form the individual registration fee of $450).   

Team member registrations postmarked after June 1 are $450 per member (a $100 discount from the individual registration fee of $550).    

Frequently asked questions:
Must all registrants on my team come from a single agency? No. Team registration is specifically designed to encourage multi-agency participation and group discounts. We encourage registrants to invite representatives from other justice agencies to join the team.    

Can I fax team registrations?  
If registrations are paid by credit card or purchase order, then yes, you may fax the registration. Registration fees paid by check, however, must be mailed to SEARCH.    

Can I pay for all four registrations with a single check, credit card or purchase order?  
Of course! But a separate registration form must be completed for each team member.    

Is there a limit to how many members may be added to a team?  
No. Once you have established your team status, you may add as many members as you like. Please remember to include the team code on each registration.

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