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James E. Cabral Jr. Mr. Cabral is a senior manager with MTG Management Consultants, LLC, an independent consulting firm with 30 years of experience providing information technology planning and business management services to local, state, provincial, and federal government agencies. Mr. Cabralís areas of expertise include network and security design and imple≠mentation; architecture, planning, installation, and management of open-systems platforms; and project management.

His experience includes project manager and lead writer for OASIS LegalXML in developing and finalizing the Electronic Court Filing 3.0 specification including Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM) 3.0.3-based schemas and a web services messaging profile. He was also project manager and technical architect for the Washington Administrative Office of the Courts and the Open XML Court Interface consortium of state courts in developing an open-source electronic filing manager application based on GJXDM 3.0 and OASIS/LegalXML court filing specifications.

Mr. Cabral is a member of OASIS and the LegalXML Electronic Court Filing and Integrated Justice Technical Committees and the LegalXML Steering Committee; Chair of the IJIS Institute Security and Privacy Committee; and member of the Global Security Working Group. Mr. Cabral also possesses the SEARCH JIEM certification, the CCISP and GSEC information security certifications, and the CCNA networking certifications.