Fact Sheet
What is It?
The National Interoperability Summit is a special gathering of 150 leaders from across the nation who will share lessons learned with their communications interoperability projects and recommend best practices for future projects. This hosted event is sponsored by the U.S. Departments of Justice and Homeland Security. Local government projects to improve interagency communications will be the primary focus. Assembled findings will be distributed following the summit.

Who is Invited?
Attendance at the summit is by invitation, only. Individuals and agencies involved in key interoperability projects have been sent written invitations. If you are a chief, sheriff, or other executive of an agency that has received a COPS Office Interoperable Communications Technology Program (ICTP) grant, you may nominate one individual from your agency, which can be yourself, to attend. Other individuals deeply involved in projects and other experts in the field of interoperability have also been invited.

How Will Expenses be Covered?
Invited participants or their designees will have normal travel expenses covered. This includes airfare, hotel, meals, and ground transportation. Click here for further information on travel policies and procedures.

Schedule Highlights
The Summit will be conducted in historic Austin, Texas, May 24 and 25, 2006. It will span one-and-one-half days, concluding at noon on the second day, which should allow most attendees to participate without interrupting busy schedules for more than two nights.

Wednesday - May 24
  • Key interoperability issues in the U.S.
  • Update on national initiatives, including DHS tactical interoperable communications plans, public safety communications standards, and the National Incident Management
  • Project case studies
  • FCC regulatory issues
  • Focus group sessions

Thursday - May 25
  • Focus group sessions
    • Establishing governance structures and agreements
    • Analyzing and documenting operational needs
    • Project planning and management
    • Procurement, contracting, and vendor management
    • Implementation, operations, and performance management
  • Presentation of findings

How do I Register?
Registration is required. You may register online.

Still Have Questions?
For questions or more information, contact Shawna Warneke at SEARCH:

Phone: 916-392-2550, ext. 219
Email: shawna.warneke@search.org

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