Photos from the 2016 Annual Membership Meeting

On July 26–28, SEARCH Members, Staff, and stakeholders from federal, state and local agencies and national organizations met in Houston, Texas, for SEARCH’s 2016 Annual Membership Group Meeting. The agenda covered a range of technical, operational and policy issues affecting justice information sharing and criminal history record management.

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Owen Greenspan, National Criminal History Record Authority and Advocate of Improved Data Quality, to Receive SEARCH’s Top Practitioner Honor for 2016

Mr. Owen M. Greenspan, whose career in law enforcement, criminal history records management, and policymaking spanned 50 years and who is known as a national authority for “all things criminal history,” will receive SEARCH’s 2016 O.J. Hawkins Award for Innovative Leadership and Outstanding Contributions in Criminal Justice Information Systems, Policy and Statistics.

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SEARCH High-Tech Crime Trainers Provide Digital Evidence Expertise at 5th Annual National Cyber Crime Conference

Technological advances create both challenges and opportunities for law enforcement professionals: They must be able to obtain, analyze, and understand digital evidence—whether from computers, mobile devices, GPS devices, gaming consoles, event data recorders, digital video surveillance systems, digital cameras, or social media applications.

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Tech Briefs Illustrate a UML Approach to Modeling NIEM Exchanges

A companion set of Technical Briefs is now available from SEARCH, which illustrate how to use the Uniform Modeling Language (UML) 2.0 to develop information exchange package documents (IEPD) and data exchanges that conform to national justice standards—specifically, the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) and Global Reference Architecture (GRA).

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