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Board Recognizes Members and Staff for Years of Service to SEARCH

On behalf of the SEARCH Board of Directors, Chairman Francis X. Aumand III has recognized Members and Staff for their years of service to the organization, with significant length of service achieved in 2013. Chairman Aumand honored the following individuals during the annual SEARCH Membership Group meeting on July 24, 2013, in Sacramento, California.

Member Anniversaries

  • 5 years: Mr. Curtis M. Wood, Undersecretary, Forensic Science and Technology, Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security
  • 10 years: Mr. Mike Lesko, Deputy Assistant Director, Crime Records Service, Texas Department of Public Safety
Mr. Curt Wood
Mr. Mike Lesko

Staff Anniversaries

  • 20 years: Ms. Diane Chin, Administrative Assistant, High-Tech Crime Training Services
  • 10 years: Ms. Rose Marie Florita, Director, Finance and Administration
  • 10 years: Ms. Christine Lee, Webmaster
  • 5 years: Mr. Chris Armstrong, High-Tech Crime Training Specialist
  • 5 years: Ms. Leticia Davidek, Staff Accountant
  • 5 years: Ms. Anne Stites, Bookkeeper/Human Resources Assistant
  • 5 years: Mr. Mo West, Information Sharing Specialist
Ms. Diane Chin
Ms. Rose Marie Florita
Ms. Christine Lee
Mr. Chris Armstrong
Ms. Leticia Davidek
Ms. Anne Stites
Mr. Mo West

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