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Computer Forensics Expert Dean Chatfield Joins SEARCH High-Tech Crime Training Services


Dean Chatfield

Mr. Dean C. Chatfield, a long-time computer forensics expert who has trained law enforcement officers in cyber investigations for 25 years, joined SEARCH’s High-Tech Crime Training Services team on October 30. 

As our newest High-Tech Crime Training Specialist, Mr. Chatfield will coordinate and provide training on digital evidence investigations and forensics to local, state, and federal justice agencies. 

He will also provide technical assistance to law enforcement agencies in active cases, prepare training curricula and other resource materials, teach SEARCH investigative courses, and speak at conferences throughout the United States. 

“I’m very pleased to welcome Dean onto our training team,” said Mr. Tim Lott, Director of SEARCH’s High-Tech Crime Training Services. “Dean has an extensive law enforcement career and much of it is centered around digital evidence. His skills will increase our capacity to provide much-needed computer forensics training to law enforcement agencies nationwide.” 

Mr. Chatfield has 14 years of experience as a law enforcement instructor/instructor supervisor and 25 years of active law enforcement experience that included assignments as an investigator, administrator, supervisor, training officer, and patrol officer. For 9 years he focused on investigating financial crimes, political corruption, and computer crime—including seizing and analyzing computer evidence—for a large county prosecutor’s office. 

Before joining SEARCH, Mr Chatfield worked at the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), first as a Computer Crime Specialist (1998-2000) and then as a Supervisory Computer Crime Specialist (2000-2012). He provided basic and advanced cyber investigative and computer forensics training to local, state, federal, military and international law enforcement agencies, as well as advice on computer seizure and analysis. 

As Supervisor of NW3C’s Computer Crime Section, he supervised 26 computer crime specialists and managed the research and curriculum development of 16 cyber and forensic courses, and managed federal grants deliverables and budgeting. He managed software development of NW3C products, including PerpHound™, and liaised with Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit on various projects, including programming of Microsoft COFEE versions 1.1.2 and 2.1 (Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor). 

His work experience includes:

  • Criminal investigator for the Maricopa County (Arizona) Attorney’s Office, where he conducted major felony investigations, with an emphasis on financial and/or political corruption crimes, and analysis of computers and computer-generated data. He also designed, implemented, and maintained computer networks for resource and data sharing within the office by investigators, attorneys, and support staff (1985-98).
  • Chief of Police, Mancos (Colorado) Police Department (1979-85).
  • Police Officer and Field Training Officer, Phoenix (Arizona) Police Department (1973-79) 

Mr. Chatfield is a lifetime member of the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIA), a nonprofit organization composed of volunteer computer forensic professionals dedicated to training and certifying practitioners in the field of forensic computer science. Mr. Chatfield served as an Instructor for the organization for 5 years, and also served on the Board and as an elected Vice President and President. 

He was the first person certified as a Computer Forensics Expert by IACIS in 1992, and developed expertise in DOS, Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT, Macintosh, Novel and Linux operating systems. 

Internationally, Mr. Chatfield has trained the Commercial Crime Bureau of the Royal Hong Kong Police Force and NATO Intelligence organizations on computer forensics.

Dean Chatfield

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